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Putting your app on sale

You can promote your app in the Windows Store by putting it on sale for a limited time.

When you schedule a sale to temporarily lower an app's price, customers will be able to purchase the app at the reduced price during the period that you choose. (If you lower the price to Free, they can download it without paying during the sale period).

The duration of the sale can be as short as one hour, up to a maximum of 30 days. Note that you can only schedule one sale at a time for each specific app.

Dn659346.wedge(en-us,WIN.10).gifTo schedule a sale

  1. In your Windows Store Dashboard, go to the App details page for the app you wish to promote.
  2. Under Put your app on sale, click Create.
  3. Choose your sale price from the drop-down list. You can pick any price tier lower than your current list price, including Free.
  4. Set the date, time, and time zone for the start and end of the sale.
  5. Click Schedule.
Note  Once you schedule a sale, you can edit or cancel it up until 24 hours before the promotion starts. Once the promotion starts (or is within 24 hours of starting), it cannot be edited or cancelled.

How your app's sale price appears in the Windows Store

When you put your app on sale, the Windows Store will use strikethrough and red text to draw attention to the sale price and make it clear that the price has been temporarily lowered.

In search results or lists, your app's new price will be displayed in red, next to a strikethrough of the old price.

App in the Windows Store, showing sale price

On the app's listing page, the new price is displayed in red, along with the percentage of its discount and the remaining time to purchase the app at the sale price.

App listing page in the Windows Store showing sale price

If your sale price is Free, the app will also be eligible to appear in the Top Free list. If it is displayed in Top Free, the indicator will show the app's regular price in strikethrough, indicating that it's free for only a limited time.

Top Free list in the Windows Store

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