Pen interactions (Windows Store apps)

Optimize your Windows Store app design for touch input and get basic pen support by default.




This topic describes design considerations for pen interactions. For information about the implementation of pen interactions, see Responding to pen and stylus interactions.

Pen interactions

Design Windows Store apps that users can interact with by using a pen to create handwritten notes, drawing, and annotations.

A pen can serve as a precision pointing device. The more interesting case is using a pen as a drawing device associated with digital ink. The Windows ink platform, together with a pen device, provides a natural way to create handwritten notes, drawings, and annotations.

In addition to capturing the spatial movements of the pen as the user writes or draws, your app can also collect info such as pressure, shape, color, and opacity, to offer user experiences that closely resemble drawing on paper with a pen, pencil, or brush.

The inherent precision of pen input is supported naturally by the UI, which is optimized for the imprecise nature of touch.

For guidance on visual feedback, see Guidelines for visual feedback.



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