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table::update Method

Updated: June 18, 2015

Update an existing a record in the table.

The Mobile Services client library for C++ has been removed from Visual Studio 2015 and is only available in Visual Studio 2013. The library is not compatible with Azure Mobile Apps.

_AZUREMOBILEIMP pplx::task<::web::json::value> update(
   ::web::json::value object
) const;

_AZUREMOBILEIMP pplx::task<::web::json::value> update(
   ::utility::string_t id,
   ::web::json::value object
) const;


The new data, represented as a JSON object.

The record id.

A JSON value representing the result.

The JSON value must be an object. It cannot be an array, number, boolean, or string. The JSON value must contain the 'id' field. If the operation is successful, the return value will be the inserted item. The passed-in value does not have to have all the fields of the existing record, just the fields that are to be updated.

Header: azuremobile.h

Namespace: azure::mobile

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