Windows Runtime APIs
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Windows API reference for Windows Runtime apps

There are two sets of APIs for building Universal Windows apps and Windows Runtime apps: the Windows Runtime and the Windows Library for JavaScript.

  • Windows Runtime. These JavaScript, C#, Visual Basic, and C++ APIs provide access to all core platform features. The namespaces are exposed using API metadata format (Windows.winmd) similar to that used by the .NET framework (Ecma-335).
  • Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS). These JavaScript APIs provide controls, CSS styles, and helper functions that help you write object-oriented code. The WinJS namespace covers functionality that is similar to the Windows.UI.Xaml namespaces in the Windows Runtime. When you reference these JavaScript files in your app, you must add base.js first, then ui.js.

Note  Windows APIs that are expressed as HTML or XAML elements are supported only in Universal Windows apps and Windows Runtime apps. They are not supported in Windows desktop applications or browsers.

List of Windows Runtime API namespaces



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