This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Defines several types and functions related to the handling of exceptions. Exception handling is used in situations in which the system can recover from an error. It provides a means for control to be returned from a function to the program. The objective of incorporating exception handling is to increase the program's robustness while providing a way to recover from an error in an orderly fashion.

#include <exception>


A type that describes a pointer to a function suitable for use as a terminate_handler.


A type that describes a pointer to a function suitable for use as an unexpected_handler.


Establishes a new terminate_handler to be called at the termination of the program.


Establishes a new unexpected_handler to be when an unexpected exception is encountered.


Calls a terminate handler.


Returns true only if a thrown exception is being currently processed.


Calls an unexpected handler.

bad_exception Class

The class describes an exception that can be thrown from an unexpected_handler.

exception Class

The class serves as the base class for all exceptions thrown by certain expressions and by the Standard C++ Library.