WebReferencesEvents Interface 

Represents the events for the WebReferences property of a VSWebSite. Use this object to access the functionality provided by WebReferencesEventsClass.

Namespace: VsWebSite
Assembly: VsWebSite.Interop (in vswebsite.interop.dll)

public interface WebReferencesEvents : _WebReferencesEvents, _dispWebReferencesEvents_Event
/** @attribute GuidAttribute("63FE9F71-D793-435E-9F80-FD4082CA1444") */ 
public interface WebReferencesEvents extends _WebReferencesEvents, _dispWebReferencesEvents_Event
public interface WebReferencesEvents extends _WebReferencesEvents, _dispWebReferencesEvents_Event

This interface to the WebReferencesEventsClass is obtained from the WebReferencesEvents property.


The functionality provided by this class is available in versions of Visual Studio starting with Visual Studio 2005. It is not available in Visual Web Developer Express Edition.

The following macro code example shows how to create a reference to the current VSWebSite object through the Development Tools Extensibility (DTE) object and how to subscribe to a Web reference event. This sample is part of a larger code sample for VSWebSiteEvents.

' Initialize the VsWebSite and the Events
Sub InitAssemblyRefsEvents()
    ' Get a reference to the first Web site 
    ' in the current solution
    Dim ws As VsWebSite.VSWebSite = _

    ' Attach the Web site events to module events
    AssemblyRefsEvents = _
End Sub
' Declare the event
' The macro IDE requires the attribute 
' in order to trap the events
<System.ContextStaticAttribute()> _
Public WithEvents WebRefsEvents As _