This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Locating Tasks and Errors in Code 

The Task List and Error List display various categories of messages to help you complete the coding of your development projects. Syntax error messages generated by IntelliSense and build errors detected by compilers are displayed in the Error List. Reminders of work to be done, including task descriptions inserted into your code as comments, are displayed in the Task List.

In This Section

Error List Window

Describes functional controls and columns of data on build problems available in the Error List.

Task List (Visual Studio)

Describes the functional controls and descriptive text available in the Task List, and suggests ways to use this tool.

Task List, Environment, Options Dialog Box

Allows you to configure how the Task List is displayed.

How to: Use Task List Shortcuts

Using the Task List to mark and navigate to lines of code.

How to: Create Task List Comments

Creating task comments in your code that display as links in the Task List.

How to: Create Custom Comment Tokens

Creating markers for your own categories of task comments.

Related Sections

How to: Go To a Line of Code

Lists various ways available in the integrated development environment (IDE) to move through documents to find lines of code.

General, Projects and Solutions, Options Dialog Box

Includes the option Always show Error List if the build finishes with errors.