We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CDialogBar Class

Provides the functionality of a Windows modeless dialog box in a control bar.

class CDialogBar : public CControlBar

A dialog bar resembles a dialog box in that it contains standard Windows controls that the user can tab between. Another similarity is that you create a dialog template to represent the dialog bar.

Creating and using a dialog bar is similar to creating and using a CFormView object. First, use the dialog editor to define a dialog template with the style WS_CHILD and no other style. The template must not have the style WS_VISIBLE. In your application code, call the constructor to construct the CDialogBar object, then call Create to create the dialog-bar window and attach it to the CDialogBar object.

For more information on CDialogBar, see the article Dialog Bars and Technical Note 31, Control Bars.


In the current release, a CDialogBar object cannot host Windows Forms controls. For more information about Windows Forms controls in Visual C++, see Using a Windows Form User Control in MFC.

Header: afxext.h