_DefaultProcess( ) API Library Routine

Provides the default event processing for an event returned by _GetNextEvent( ) when the event does not need special handling.

void _DefaultProcess(EventRec FAR *event)
EventRec FAR *event;      /* Event to be processed. */

This makes it easier for an external routine to use windows and still have them act consistently with the rest of the product.


Don't call _DefaultProcess() from an event handler.

For more information on how to create an API library and integrate it with Visual FoxPro, see Accessing the Visual FoxPro API.

The following example is a loop consisting of a call to _GetNextEvent( ) followed by a call to _DefaultProcess( ). All events during this procedure receive their default processing.

Visual FoxPro Code


C Code

#include <pro_ext.h>

FAR Example(ParamBlk FAR *parm)
   EventRec ev;
   int i;

   for (i = 0; i < 16; i++) 

FoxInfo myFoxInfo[] = {
   {"ONLOAD", Example, CALLONLOAD, ""},
FoxTable _FoxTable = {
   (FoxTable FAR *) 0, sizeof(myFoxInfo)/sizeof(FoxInfo), myFoxInfo

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