Cannot copy multifile assembly component 'component_filename' to file 'destination_filename'. <reason.>
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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Cannot copy multifile assembly component 'component_filename' to file 'destination_filename'. <reason.> 

The specified component was not copied to the bin directory.

Some assemblies consist of multiple files. This diagnostic is displayed whenever a file that is part of a multifile assembly cannot be copied to the run directory.

There could be several reasons for failure. For example, running out of disk space or reaching the MAX_PATH limit for path lengths. Also, a process, perhaps Visual Studio, might be holding onto the component that cannot be copied.

To correct this error

  • Check for adequate free disk space.

  • Try moving the project to a folder whose path length is less than the path length of the current project folder.

  • Change the output directory to a folder with a smaller absolute path length. This is applicable for client (non-Web) projects only.

  • Restart Visual Studio.

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