This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

SourceSafe Options Dialog Box, Project Rights Tab (Administrator)

Visual Studio 2005

Enables the Rights by Project, Rights Assignments for User, and Copy User Rights commands so that you will be able to set project rights for individual users. For example, if you select the Read check box in this tab, you are giving new users that right by default for the root project (and therefore for all projects). You can then change an individual user's rights as needed for a particular project, as described in How to: Assign Project Rights.


The rights that you set in this tab are independent of sharing permissions for the database folder. See How to: Add User Accounts.

Dialog Box Access

In Visual SourceSafe Administrator, click Options, then Project Rights.


Permits users to use add, rename, and delete commands, but does not permit actions that permanently destroy files or projects.

Check Out/Check In

Permits users to check out from and check in to the database, but does not allow adding, renaming, and deleting of files or projects.


Permits users to use all Visual SourceSafe commands. Rights at this level are equivalent to read/write access rights under the default user attributes.

Enable Rights and Assignments commands

Enables the New User Rights portion of this tab and the rights commands on the Users menu of Visual SourceSafe Administrator.

New User Rights

Allows you to set default rights for new users.


Permits users to view read-only copies of files.

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