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References Page, Project Designer (Visual Basic)

Use the References page of the Project Designer to manage references, Web references, and imported namespaces in your project. Projects can contain references to COM components, XML Web services, .NET Framework class libraries or assemblies, or other class libraries. For more information on using references, see Project References.

To access the References page, select a project node in Solution Explorer, then on the Project menu, click Properties. When the Project Designer appears, click the References tab.

Visual Basic noteVisual Basic Note

Project references are managed differently in Visual Studio than they were in Visual Basic 6.0. For more information, see Project Management for Visual Basic 6.0 Users.

The following options allow you to select or remove references and imported namespaces in your project.

Unused References

Click this button to access the Unused References Dialog Box (Visual Basic).

Reference Paths

Click this button to access the Reference Paths Dialog Box (Visual Basic).


This list shows all references in the project, used or unused.


Click this button to add a reference or Web reference to the References list.

Choose Reference to add a reference to your project using the Add Reference Dialog Box.

Choose Web Reference to add a Web reference to your project using the Add Web Reference Dialog Box.


Select one or more references in the References list, then click this button to delete it.

Update Web Reference

Select a Web reference in the References list and click this button to update it.

Imported namespaces

You can type your own namespace in this box and click Add User Import to add it to the namespaces list.

You can create aliases for user-imported namespaces. To do this, enter the alias and the namespace in the format alias=namespace. This is useful if you are using very long namespaces, for example: Http= MyOrg.ObjectLib.Internet.WebRequestMethods.Http.

Add User Import

Click this button to add a user-defined namespace to the namespaces list.

Namespaces list

This list shows all available namespaces. The check boxes for namespaces included in your project are selected.

Update User Import

Select a user-defined namespace in the namespaces list, type a new name for it in the Imported namespaces box, then click this button to change the name.

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