Control.CanSelect Property

Gets a value indicating whether the control can be selected.

Namespace: System.Windows.Forms
Assembly: System.Windows.Forms (in

property bool CanSelect {
	bool get ();
/** @property */
public boolean get_CanSelect ()

public function get CanSelect () : boolean

Property Value

true if the control can be selected; otherwise, false.

This property returns true if the Selectable value of System.Windows.Forms.ControlStyles is set to true, is contained in another control, the control itself is visible and enabled, and all its parent controls are visible and enabled.

The Windows Forms controls in the following list are not selectable and will return a value of false for the CanSelect property. Controls derived from these controls are also not selectable.

The following code example selects the specified Control, if it is selectable.

   void ControlSelect( Control^ control )
      // Select the control, if it can be selected.
      if ( control->CanSelect )
         control->Select(  );

public void ControlSelect(Control control)
    // Select the control, if it can be selected.
    if (control.get_CanSelect()) {
} //ControlSelect

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