ChangePassword Events

  Name Description
Public event CancelButtonClick Occurs when the user clicks the Cancel button to cancel changing a password.
Public event ChangedPassword Occurs when the password is changed for a user account.
Public event ChangePasswordError Occurs when there is an error changing the password for the user account.
Public event ChangingPassword Occurs before the password for a user account is changed by the membership provider.
Public event ContinueButtonClick Raises the ContinueButtonClick event when the user clicks the Continue button.
Public event DataBinding  Occurs when the server control binds to a data source. (Inherited from Control.)
Public event Disposed  Occurs when a server control is released from memory, which is the last stage of the server control lifecycle when an ASP.NET page is requested. (Inherited from Control.)
Public event Init  Occurs when the server control is initialized, which is the first step in its lifecycle. (Inherited from Control.)
Public event Load  Occurs when the server control is loaded into the Page object. (Inherited from Control.)
Public event PreRender  Occurs after the Control object is loaded but prior to rendering. (Inherited from Control.)
Public event SendingMail Occurs before the user is sent an e-mail confirmation that the password has been changed.
Public event SendMailError Occurs when there is an SMTP error sending an e-mail message to the user.
Public event Unload  Occurs when the server control is unloaded from memory. (Inherited from Control.)