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IControlAdapter Members

Defines the interface to a control adapter.

The following tables list the members exposed by the IControlAdapter type.

  Name Description
Public property Control Returns a strongly typed reference to the associated control.
Public property ItemWeight Accesses the approximate weight of a single item in the control.
Public property Page Returns the page associated with the device adapter.
Public property VisibleWeight Returns the approximate weight of the control, in characters.

  Name Description
Public method CreateTemplatedUI Called by base classes to create a templated UI.
Public method HandlePostBackEvent Returns true if the event was handled.
Public method LoadAdapterState Returns the adapter-specific view for a control.
Public method LoadPostData Returns true if the adapter handles loading the post data.
Public method OnInit Called after an object, such as a form or a page, is initialized.
Public method OnLoad Loads data that pertains to a control, a page, or a device adapter.
Public method OnPreRender Called by the control's OnPreRender method, to perform adapter-specific work prior to rendering.
Public method OnUnload Unloads data that pertains to a control, a page, or a device adapter.
Public method Render Called by the control's Render method to perform rendering.
Public method SaveAdapterState This method is called when the control saves its private view state.

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