HtmlPageAdapter Properties

(see also Protected Properties )
  Name Description
Public property CacheVaryByHeaders Returns a list of any additional HTTP headers by which caching is varied.
Public property Control  Returns a strongly typed reference to the associated control. (Inherited from ControlAdapter.)
Public property CookielessDataDictionary Gets or sets persist data between requests through the use of the URL query string.
Public property Device  Returns the device capabilities object associated with the request. (Inherited from ControlAdapter.)
Public property ItemWeight  Accesses the approximate weight of a single item in the control. (Inherited from ControlAdapter.)
Public property OptimumPageWeight Returns a page weight, based on the device's screen size, appropriate for the target device. Used in form pagination.
Public property Page [To be supplied.]
Public property PersistCookielessData Sets or returns whether items from the CookielessDataDictionary property are persisted in the query string.
Public property RequiresFormTag  Gets a value indicating whether an adapter, such as the ChtmlCommandAdapter class, generates markup that requires <Form> tags for form submission. (Inherited from HtmlControlAdapter.)
Public property Style  Returns the style object associated with the control to which the device adapter is attached. (Inherited from ControlAdapter.)
Public property VisibleWeight  Gets or sets the approximate weight of the control, in characters. (Inherited from ControlAdapter.)

  Name Description
Protected property EventArgumentKey Returns the key to use to submit the event argument.
Protected property EventSourceKey Returns the key to use to submit the event source.
Protected property FormAdapter  Retrieves the form adapter for the form on which the associated control resides. (Inherited from HtmlControlAdapter.)
Protected property PageAdapter  Returns the page adapter for the mobile page. (Inherited from HtmlControlAdapter.)
Protected property SecondaryUIMode  Sets or returns the secondary user-interface (UI) mode for the control. (Inherited from HtmlControlAdapter.)