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HtmlTextWriter Fields

(see also Protected Fields )
  Name Description
Public field Static DefaultTabString
Represents a single tab character.
Public field Static DoubleQuoteChar
Represents the quotation mark (") character.
Public field Static EndTagLeftChars
Represents the left angle bracket and slash mark (</) of the closing tag of a markup element.
Public field Static EqualsChar
Represents the equal sign (=).
Public field Static EqualsDoubleQuoteString
Represents an equal sign (=) and a double quotation mark (") together in a string (=").
Public field Static SelfClosingChars
Represents a space and the self-closing slash mark (/) of a markup tag.
Public field Static SelfClosingTagEnd
Represents the closing slash mark and right angle bracket (/>) of a self-closing markup element.
Public field Static SemicolonChar
Represents the semicolon (;).
Public field Static SingleQuoteChar
Represents an apostrophe (').
Public field Static SlashChar
Represents the slash mark (/).
Public field Static SpaceChar
Represents a space ( ) character.
Public field Static StyleEqualsChar
Represents the style equals (:) character used to set style attributes equal to values.
Public field Static TagLeftChar
Represents the opening angle bracket (<) of a markup tag.
Public field Static TagRightChar
Represents the closing angle bracket (>) of a markup tag.

  Name Description
Protected field CoreNewLine 
Stores the new line characters used for this TextWriter.
(inherited from TextWriter)

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