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System.Web.UI.Design.WebControls.WebParts Namespace

The System.Web.UI.Design.WebControls.WebParts namespace contains classes that provide design-time support for controls derived from classes in the System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts namespace.

  Class Description
Public class CatalogPartDesigner Provides design-time support for CatalogPart, ImportCatalogPart, and PageCatalogPart controls.
Public class CatalogZoneDesigner Provides design-time support for CatalogZone controls.
Public class ConnectionsZoneDesigner Provides design-time support for ConnectionsZone controls.
Public class DeclarativeCatalogPartDesigner Provides design-time support for DeclarativeCatalogPart controls.
Public class EditorPartDesigner Provides design-time support for EditorPart controls.
Public class EditorZoneDesigner Provides design-time support for EditorZone controls.
Public class PageCatalogPartDesigner Provides design-time support in a visual designer for a PageCatalogPart control.
Public class PartDesigner Extends design-time behavior for controls that implement the Part abstract class.
Public class ProxyWebPartManagerDesigner Provides minimal design-time support for ProxyWebPartManager controls.
Public class ToolZoneDesigner Provides design-time support in a visual designer for a Web Parts zone.
Public class WebPartDesigner Provides design-time visual support for WebPart controls.
Public class WebPartManagerDesigner Provides minimal design-time support for WebPartManager controls.
Public class WebPartZoneBaseDesigner Provides design-time support for WebPartZoneBaseDesigner controls.
Public class WebPartZoneDesigner Provides design-time support for WebPartZone controls.
Public class WebZoneDesigner Provides design-time visual support for WebZone controls.
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