Soap12FaultCodes.MustUnderstandFaultCode Field

Represents the SOAP version 1.2 MustUnderstand fault code indicating a SOAP header marked with the MustUnderstand attribute was not processed.

Namespace: System.Web.Services.Protocols
Assembly: System.Web.Services (in

public static readonly XmlQualifiedName MustUnderstandFaultCode
public static final XmlQualifiedName MustUnderstandFaultCode
public static final var MustUnderstandFaultCode : XmlQualifiedName
Not applicable.

Not all SOAP headers require processing by the recipient. However, if a SOAP header is marked with the MustUnderstand attribute equal to "true", processing is required. Failure to process the header when it resides within a SOAP 1.2 request generates a SoapHeaderException with the Code property set to Soap12FaultCodes.MustUnderstandFaultCode. If the SOAP request resided within a SOAP 1.1 request, the Code property is set to SoapException.MustUnderstandFaultCode.

Both SOAP 1.1 and 1.2 define MustUnderstand SOAP fault codes differing only by the version of the SOAP protocol used to send the SOAP message. This field represents the SOAP 1.2 version, and the SOAP 1.1 version is represented by SoapException.MustUnderstandFaultCode. The two fields map to different qualified names, but you can check whether the Code property is either one of the fault codes by calling the IsMustUnderstandFaultCode method.

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