FaultBinding Properties

  Name Description
Public property Documentation 
Gets or sets the text documentation for the instance of the DocumentableItem.
(inherited from DocumentableItem)
Public property DocumentationElement 
Gets or sets the documentation element for the DocumentableItem.
(inherited from DocumentableItem)
Public property ExtensibleAttributes 
Gets or sets an array of type XmlAttribute that represents attribute extensions of WSDL to comply with Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) Basic Profile 1.1.
(inherited from DocumentableItem)
Public property Extensions Overridden.
Gets the collection of extensibility elements associated with the current FaultBinding.
Public property Name 
Gets or sets the name of the item.
(inherited from NamedItem)
Public property Namespaces 
Gets or sets the dictionary of namespace prefixes and namespaces used to preserve namespace prefixes and namespaces when a ServiceDescription object is constructed.
(inherited from DocumentableItem)
Public property OperationBinding 
Gets the OperationBinding of which the current MessageBinding is a member.
(inherited from MessageBinding)

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