System.Web.Profile Namespace

The System.Web.Profile namespace contains classes that are used to work with ASP.NET user profiles in Web server applications.

ASP.NET profiles are used to store and retrieve user settings in a data source such as a database. Profile information and property values are managed by using a profile provider. Profile information can be stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database by using the SqlProfileProvider class, or in a custom data source by using an implementation of the ProfileProvider abstract class.

ASP.NET profiles are configured by using the profile configuration section.

When an application starts that has profiles enabled, ASP.NET creates a new class of type ProfileCommon, which inherits from the ProfileBase class. Strongly typed accessors are added to the ProfileCommon class for each property that is defined in the profile configuration section. An instance of the ProfileCommon class is set as the value of the Profile property of the current HttpContext object. You can create a custom profile implementation that inherits from the ProfileBase abstract class and that defines properties for the user profile that are not specified in the profile configuration element.

Public classCustomProviderDataAttribute 
Public classDefaultProfileRepresents a user-profile instance when no profile properties are defined.
Public classProfileAutoSaveEventArgs 
Public classProfileBaseProvides untyped access to profile property values and information.
Public classProfileEventArgs 
Public classProfileGroupBase 
Public classProfileInfoProvides information about a user profile.
Public classProfileInfoCollection 
Public classProfileManagerManages user profile data and settings.
Public classProfileMigrateEventArgs 
Public classProfileModule 
Public classProfileProviderDefines the contract that ASP.NET implements to provide profile services using custom profile providers.
Public classProfileProviderAttribute 
Public classProfileProviderCollectionA collection of objects that inherit the ProfileProvider abstract class.
Public classSettingsAllowAnonymousAttributeIdentifies whether a profile property can be set or accessed for an anonymous user.
Public classSqlProfileProviderManages storage of profile information for an ASP.NET application in a SQL Server database.

Public delegateProfileAutoSaveEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the ProfileAutoSaving event of a ProfileModule.
Public delegateProfileEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the Personalize event of a ProfileModule.
Public delegateProfileMigrateEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the MigrateAnonymous event of the ProfileModule class.

Public enumerationProfileAuthenticationOption 

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