RawUrl Property

HttpRequest.RawUrl Property

Gets the raw URL of the current request.

[Visual Basic]
Public ReadOnly Property RawUrl As String
public string RawUrl {get;}
public: __property String* get_RawUrl();
public function get RawUrl() : String;

Property Value

The raw URL of the current request.


The raw URL is defined as the part of the URL following the domain information. In the URL string http://www.contoso.com/articles/recent.aspx, the raw URL is/articles/recent.aspx. The raw URL includes the query string, if present.


The following example assigns the raw URL string of the current request to a string variable.

[Visual Basic] 
Dim MyUrl As String
 MyUrl = Request.RawUrl

String MyUrl = Request.RawUrl;

String* MyUrl = Request->RawUrl;

var myUrl : String = Request.RawUrl


Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 family

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