ServiceController.ServiceType Property


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Gets the type of service that this object references.

Namespace:   System.ServiceProcess
Assembly:  System.ServiceProcess (in System.ServiceProcess.dll)

Public ReadOnly Property ServiceType As ServiceType

Property Value

Type: System.ServiceProcess.ServiceType

One of the ServiceType values, used to indicate the network service type.

Exception Condition

An error occurred when accessing a system API.


The service was not found.

The service type indicates how the service is used by the system. The value of the ServiceType property represents a set of flags combined using the bitwise OR operator.

The following example uses the ServiceController class to display the device driver services on the local computer.

Dim scDevices() As ServiceController
scDevices = ServiceController.GetDevices()

Dim numAdapter As Integer
Dim numFileSystem As Integer
Dim numKernel As Integer
Dim numRecognizer As Integer

' Display the list of device driver services.
Console.WriteLine("Device driver services on the local computer:")

Dim scTemp As ServiceController
For Each scTemp In  scDevices
   ' Display the status and the service name, for example,
   '   [Running] PCI Bus Driver
   '             Type = KernelDriver

   Console.WriteLine(" [{0}] {1}", scTemp.Status, scTemp.DisplayName)
   Console.WriteLine("           Type = {0}", scTemp.ServiceType)

   ' Update counters using the service type bit flags.
   If (scTemp.ServiceType And ServiceType.Adapter) <> 0 Then
      numAdapter = numAdapter + 1
   End If
   If (scTemp.ServiceType And ServiceType.FileSystemDriver) <> 0 Then
      numFileSystem = numFileSystem + 1
   End If
   If (scTemp.ServiceType And ServiceType.KernelDriver) <> 0 Then
      numKernel = numKernel + 1
   End If
   If (scTemp.ServiceType And ServiceType.RecognizerDriver) <> 0 Then
      numRecognizer = numRecognizer + 1
   End If

Next scTemp

Console.WriteLine("Total of {0} device driver services", scDevices.Length)
Console.WriteLine("  {0} are adapter drivers", numAdapter)
Console.WriteLine("  {0} are file system drivers", numFileSystem)
Console.WriteLine("  {0} are kernel drivers", numKernel)
Console.WriteLine("  {0} are file system recognizer drivers", numRecognizer)

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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