UCOMIMoniker.BindToObject Method

Uses the moniker to bind to the object it identifies.

Namespace: System.Runtime.InteropServices
Assembly: mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

void BindToObject (
	UCOMIBindCtx pbc,
	UCOMIMoniker pmkToLeft,
	[InAttribute] ref Guid riidResult,
	out Object ppvResult
void BindToObject (
	UCOMIBindCtx pbc, 
	UCOMIMoniker pmkToLeft, 
	/** @attribute InAttribute() */ /** @ref */ Guid riidResult, 
	/** @attribute OutAttribute() */ /** @ref */ Object ppvResult
JScript does not support passing value-type arguments by reference.



A reference to the IBindCtx interface on the bind context object used in this binding operation.


A reference to the moniker to the left of this moniker, if the moniker is part of a composite moniker.


The interface identifier (IID) of the interface the client intends to use to communicate with the object that the moniker identifies.


On successful return, reference to the interface requested by riidResult.

For more information about IMoniker::BindToObject, see the MSDN Library.

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