WebRequestMethods.Http Fields
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WebRequestMethods.Http Fields

  Name Description
Public field Static Connect Represents the HTTP CONNECT protocol method that is used with a proxy that can dynamically switch to tunneling, as in the case of SSL tunneling.
Public field Static Get Represents an HTTP GET protocol method.
Public field Static Head Represents an HTTP HEAD protocol method. The HEAD method is identical to GET except that the server only returns message-headers in the response, without a message-body.
Public field Static MkCol Represents an HTTP MKCOL request that creates a new collection (such as a collection of pages) at the location specified by the request-Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).
Public field Static Post Represents an HTTP POST protocol method that is used to post a new entity as an addition to a URI.
Public field Static Put Represents an HTTP PUT protocol method that is used to replace an entity identified by a URI.

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