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System.Net.Security Namespace

The System.Net.Security namespace provides network streams for secure communications between hosts.

  Class Description
Public class AuthenticatedStream Provides methods for passing credentials across a stream and requesting or performing authentication for client-server applications.
Public class NegotiateStream Provides a stream that uses the Negotiate security protocol to authenticate the client, and optionally the server, in client-server communication.
Public class SslStream Provides a stream used for client-server communication that uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security protocol to authenticate the server and optionally the client.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate LocalCertificateSelectionCallback Selects the local Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate used for authentication.
Public delegate RemoteCertificateValidationCallback Verifies the remote Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate used for authentication.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AuthenticationLevel Specifies client requirements for authentication and impersonation when using the WebRequest class and derived classes to request a resource.
Public enumeration EncryptionPolicy The EncryptionPolicy to use.
Public enumeration ProtectionLevel Indicates the security services requested for an authenticated stream.
Public enumeration SslPolicyErrors Enumerates Secure Socket Layer (SSL) policy errors.
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