Authorization::ProtectionRealm Property


Gets or sets the prefix for Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) that can be authenticated with the Message property.

Namespace:   System.Net
Assembly:  System (in System.dll)

property array<String^>^ ProtectionRealm {
	array<String^>^ get();
	void set(array<String^>^ value);

Property Value

Type: array<System::String^>^

An array of strings that contains URI prefixes.

The ProtectionRealm property contains a list of URI prefixes that the Message property can be used to authenticate. WebRequest and its descendants compare a URI to this list to determine if the Authorization is valid for a particular URI.

The following code example gets or sets the prefix for URIs that can be authenticated with the Message property.

virtual Authorization^ Authenticate( String^ challenge, WebRequest^ request, ICredentials^ credentials )
      String^ message;

      // Check if Challenge String* was raised by a site which requires 'CloneBasic' authentication.
      if ( (challenge == nullptr) || ( !challenge->StartsWith( "CloneBasic" )) )
               return nullptr;
      NetworkCredential^ myCredentials;
      if ( dynamic_cast<CredentialCache^>(credentials) == nullptr )
         myCredentials = credentials->GetCredential( request->RequestUri, "CloneBasic" );
         if ( myCredentials == nullptr )
                     return nullptr;
               myCredentials = dynamic_cast<NetworkCredential^>(credentials);

      // Message encryption scheme :
      //   a)Concatenate username and password seperated by space;
      //   b)Apply ASCII encoding to obtain a stream of bytes;
      //   c)Apply Base64 Encoding to this array of bytes to obtain our encoded authorization message.
      message = String::Concat( myCredentials->UserName, " ", myCredentials->Password );

      // Apply AsciiEncoding to 'message' String* to obtain it as an array of bytes.
      Encoding^ ascii = Encoding::ASCII;
      array<Byte>^byteArray = gcnew array<Byte>(ascii->GetByteCount( message ));
      byteArray = ascii->GetBytes( message );

      // Performing Base64 transformation.
      message = Convert::ToBase64String( byteArray );
      Authorization^ myAuthorization = gcnew Authorization( String::Concat( "CloneBasic ", message, true ) );
      array<String^>^protectionRealm = gcnew array<String^>(1);
      protectionRealm[ 0 ] = request->RequestUri->AbsolutePath;
      myAuthorization->ProtectionRealm = protectionRealm;
      return myAuthorization;
   catch ( Exception^ e ) 
      Console::WriteLine( "The following exception was raised in Authenticate method: {0}", e->Message );
      return nullptr;

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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