AdjustableArrowCap Properties

  Name Description
Public property BaseCap  Gets or sets the LineCap enumeration on which this CustomLineCap is based. (inherited from CustomLineCap)
Public property BaseInset  Gets or sets the distance between the cap and the line. (inherited from CustomLineCap)
Public property Filled Gets or sets whether the arrow cap is filled.
Public property Height Gets or sets the height of the arrow cap.
Public property MiddleInset Gets or sets the number of units between the outline of the arrow cap and the fill.
Public property StrokeJoin  Gets or sets the LineJoin enumeration that determines how lines that compose this CustomLineCap object are joined. (inherited from CustomLineCap)
Public property Width Gets or sets the width of the arrow cap.
Public property WidthScale  Gets or sets the amount by which to scale this CustomLineCap Class object with respect to the width of the Pen object. (inherited from CustomLineCap)