Decimal.Floor Method

Rounds a specified Decimal number to the closest integer toward negative infinity.

Namespace: System
Assembly: mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

public static decimal Floor (
	decimal d
public static Decimal Floor (
	Decimal d
public static function Floor (
	d : decimal
) : decimal



A Decimal.

Return Value

If d has a fractional part, the next whole Decimal number toward negative infinity that is less than d. -or- If d doesn't have a fractional part, d is returned unchanged.

The following code sample illustrates the use of Floor.

class PiggyBank {
    public decimal Dollars {
        get {
            return Decimal.Floor(MyFortune);

    protected decimal MyFortune;

    public void AddPenny() {
        MyFortune += .01m;

class PiggyBank
    /** @property 
    public System.Decimal get_Dollars()
        return System.Decimal.Floor(myFortune);
    } //get_Dollars

    protected System.Decimal myFortune;

    public void AddPenny()
        myFortune.Add(myFortune, System.Convert.ToDecimal(0.01));
    } //AddPenny
} //PiggyBank

class PiggyBank {
    public function get Dollars() : Decimal {
        return Decimal.Floor(MyFortune);

    protected var MyFortune : Decimal;

    public function AddPenny() {
        MyFortune = Decimal.Add(MyFortune, 0.01);

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