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System.Data.Design Namespace

The System.Data.Design namespace contains classes that can be used to generate a custom typed-dataset.

  Class Description
Public class MethodSignatureGenerator This class is used to generate a database query method signature, as it will be created by the typed dataset generator.
Public class TypedDataSetGenerator Generates a strongly typed DataSet class.
Public class TypedDataSetGeneratorException The exception that is thrown when a name conflict occurs while a strongly typed DataSet is being generated.
Public class TypedDataSetSchemaImporterExtension Generates internal mappings to .NET Framework types for XML schema element declarations, including literal XSD message parts in a WSDL document.
Public class TypedDataSetSchemaImporterExtensionFx35 Generates internal mappings to .NET Framework types for XML schema element declarations. Expands upon TypedDataSetSchemaImporterExtension to provide additional functionality for typed datasets created for .NET Framework version 3.5.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ParameterGenerationOption Sets the type of parameters that are generated in a typed DataSet class.
Public enumeration TypedDataSetGenerator.GenerateOption Provides the TypedDataSetGeneratorwith information for creating typed datasets that support LINQ to DataSet and hierarchical update.
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