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DataTableReader.GetName Method

Note: This method is new in the .NET Framework version 2.0.

Gets the value of the specified column as a String.

Namespace: System.Data
Assembly: System.Data (in

public override string GetName (
	int ordinal
public String GetName (
	int ordinal
public override function GetName (
	ordinal : int
) : String



The zero-based column ordinal

Return Value

The name of the specified column.

Exception typeCondition


The index passed was outside the range of 0 to FieldCount - 1.


An attempt was made to read or access a column in a closed DataTableReader.

The GetName and GetOrdinal methods provide inverse functionality. That is, calling GetOrdinal on the return value of calling GetName should return the original parameter passed to GetName; the same applies to calling the procedures in the opposite order.

The following simple example includes a procedure that lists the names of all the columns within the specified DataTableReader, and the column's ordinal position, to the Console window.

private static void DisplayColumnNames(DataTableReader reader)
    // Given a DataTableReader, display column names.
    for (int i = 0; i < reader.FieldCount; i++) 
        Console.WriteLine("{0: {1", i, reader.GetName(i));

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