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CodeObject Hierarchy

The following table lists the classes derived from System.CodeDom.CodeObject .

Class Description
System.CodeDom.CodeComment Represents a comment.
System.CodeDom.CodeCompileUnit Provides a container for a CodeDOM program graph.
System.CodeDom.CodeDirective Serves as the base class for code directive classes.
System.CodeDom.CodeExpression Represents a code expression. This is a base class for other code expression objects that is never instantiated.
System.CodeDom.CodeNamespace Represents a namespace declaration.
System.CodeDom.CodeNamespaceImport Represents a namespace import directive that indicates a namespace to use.
System.CodeDom.CodeStatement Represents the abstract base class from which all code statements derive.
System.CodeDom.CodeTypeMember Provides a base class for a member of a type. Type members include fields, methods, properties, constructors and nested types.
System.CodeDom.CodeTypeParameter Represents a type parameter of a generic type or method.
System.CodeDom.CodeTypeReference Represents a reference to a type.

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