This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

AppDomain Properties

  Name Description
Public property ActivationContext Gets the activation context for the current application domain.
Public property ApplicationIdentity Gets the identity of the application in the application domain.
Public property ApplicationTrust Gets information describing permissions granted to an application and whether the application has a trust level that allows it to run.
Public property BaseDirectory Gets the base directory that the assembly resolver used to probe for assemblies.
Public property Static Supported by the .NET Compact Framework CurrentDomain Gets the current application domain for the current Thread.
Public property DomainManager Gets the domain manager that was provided by the host when the application domain was initialized.
Public property DynamicDirectory Gets the directory that the assembly resolver used to probe for dynamically-created assemblies.
Public property Evidence Gets the Evidence associated with this application domain that is used as input to the security policy.
Public property Supported by the .NET Compact Framework FriendlyName Gets the friendly name of this application domain.
Public property Id Gets an integer that uniquely identifies the application domain within the process.
Public property RelativeSearchPath Gets the path relative to the base directory where the assembly resolver should probe for private assemblies.
Public property SetupInformation Gets the application domain configuration information for this instance.
Public property ShadowCopyFiles Gets an indication whether all assemblies loaded in the application domain are shadow copied.