This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IObjectWithSiteImpl Class 

This class provides methods allowing an object to communicate with its site.

   class T 
class ATL_NO_VTABLE IObjectWithSiteImpl :
   public IObjectWithSite



Your class, derived from IObjectWithSiteImpl.

The IObjectWithSite interface allows an object to communicate with its site. Class IObjectWithSiteImpl provides a default implementation of this interface and implements IUnknown by sending information to the dump device in debug builds.

IObjectWithSiteImpl specifies two methods. The client first calls SetSite, passing the site's IUnknown pointer. This pointer is stored within the object, and can later be retrieved through a call to GetSite.

Typically, you derive your class from IObjectWithSiteImpl when you are creating an object that is not a control. For controls, derive your class from IOleObjectImpl, which also provides a site pointer. Do not derive your class from both IObjectWithSiteImpl and IOleObjectImpl.

Header: atlcom.h