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Emits the specified string, without the quote characters, into the generated .idl file.

      [ cpp_quote(  
) ];  


A C instruction.

The cpp_quote C++ attribute is useful if you want to put a preprocessor directive in an .idl file.

You can also use cpp_quote and generate an .h file as part of the MIDL compilation. For example, if you have a C++ header file that uses C++ IDL attributes but cannot use this file for some task, then you can compile it to create a MIDL-generated .h file, which you should be able to use.

The cpp_quote attribute has the same functionality as the cpp_quote MIDL attribute.

See the example for dual for an example use how to use cpp_quote.

Attribute Context

Applies toAnywhere
Required attributesNone
Invalid attributesNone

For more information about the attribute contexts, see Attribute Contexts.

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