This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


This member function allows direct access to the underlying common control.

CReBarCtrl& GetReBarCtrl( ) const;

A reference to a CReBarCtrl object.

Call this member function to take advantage of the functionality of the Windows rebar common control in customizing your rebar. When you call GetReBarCtrl, it returns a reference object to the CReBarCtrl object so you can use either set of member functions.

For more information about using CReBarCtrl to customize your rebar, see Using CReBarCtrl.

CReBarCtrl& refReBarCtrl = m_wndReBar.GetReBarCtrl();

UINT nBandCount = refReBarCtrl.GetBandCount();
CString msg;
msg.Format("Band Count is: %u", nBandCount);