This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Reference (Visual Studio) 

This section includes miscellaneous user interface reference, language reference, and other reference topics that apply to the integrated development environment (IDE).

In This Section

General User Interface Elements (Visual Studio)

Contains topics on miscellaneous dialog boxes and windows not included elsewhere in the table of contents.

Visual Studio Commands and Switches

Contains information about Visual Studio commands and devenv command line switches.

Language References

Contains topics on language equivalents, the template description language reference, and ASCII character codes.

XML Schema References

Contains topics on various XML schemas available in Visual Studio.


Contains topics on how to use the new Microsoft build platform integrated into Visual Studio.

Related Sections

Automation and Extensibility Reference

Contains language reference topics for the automation model for the integrated development environment (IDE), including debugging.

Reference (Visual Basic)

Contains Visual Basic upgrading information and the Visual Basic language and run-time reference.

Visual C++ Reference

Contains the language reference documentation.

JScript Reference

Contains topics on the JScript programming language including properties, methods, objects, and functions, among others.

.NET Framework Reference Information

Contains topics on the .NET Framework class library, compiler and language reference, as well as ASP.NET syntax, XSD reference, and other topics.