This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CCmdTarget Members

Base Class Members

CObject Members


FromIDispatch Returns a pointer to the CCmdTarget object associated with the IDispatch pointer.
GetIDispatch Returns a pointer to the IDispatch object associated with the CCmdTarget object.
IsResultExpected Returns nonzero if an automation function should return a value.


CCmdTarget Constructs a CCmdTarget object.


BeginWaitCursor Displays the cursor as an hourglass cursor.
DoOleVerb Causes an action specified by an OLE verb to be performed.
EnableAutomation Allows OLE automation for the CCmdTarget object.
EnableConnections Enables event firing over connection points.
EndWaitCursor Returns to the previous cursor.
EnumOleVerbs Enumerates an object's OLE verbs.
RestoreWaitCursor Restores the hourglass cursor.


EnableTypeLib Enables an object's type library.
GetDispatchIID Gets the primary dispatch interface ID.
GetTypeInfoCount Retrieves the number of type information interfaces that an object provides.
GetTypeInfoOfGuid Retrieves the type description that corresponds to the specified GUID.
GetTypeLib Gets a pointer to a type library.
GetTypeLibCache Gets the type library cache.
IsInvokeAllowed Enables automation method invocation.
OnCmdMsg Routes and dispatches command messages.
OnFinalRelease Cleans up after the last OLE reference is released.

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