This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Advanced Get Options Dialog Box (Plug-in)

Visual Studio 2005

Specifies how additional options that you can set to determine how a SourceSafe plug-in for Visual Studio gets files.

Dialog Box Access

In Visual Studio, access the Get dialog box, and click the Options button, then Advanced.

Replace writable

Specifies the effect of a get operation on local writable files. Possible options are:

Option Description


Uses as a default the option chosen in the Get dialog box.


Prompts for each file that corresponds to a writable file on your local disk.


Replaces local writable files with those retrieved from the database.


Does not retrieve files corresponding to local writable files.


Automatically attempts to merge the local and database file versions.

Set timestamp

Associates a time with the get operation. Possible options are:

Option Description


Uses the default setting for the database. This setting is made on the Local Files tab of the SourceSafe Options dialog box.


Specifies the current date and time.


Specifies the date and time when the item was last saved.


Specifies the date and time of check-in.

Make writable

When selected, removes the read-only attribute from the local files after they are retrieved. If the check box is left in mixed state, it will follow the default behavior defined in the settings file.

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