Creates a view file from the Visual FoxPro environment.



Specifies the name of the view file to create.

CREATE VIEW builds a new view file containing information about the Visual FoxPro environment. SET VIEW restores the environment saved to a view file by CREATE VIEW. View files created with CREATE VIEW are assigned a .vue extension.

The information saved in a view file includes:

  • All tables, index, alternate files, and format files currently open in all work areas

  • All fields contained in the SET FIELDS list

  • All established relations between open tables

  • All filters in effect for open tables

  • The DEFAULT and PATH settings

  • The procedure file setting

  • The current Help file

  • The current resource file

  • The SET SKIP status

  • The status bar state (ON or OFF)

View files are useful both in programs and while debugging. Only one command, SET VIEW TO FileName, needs to be executed to restore the entire environment. While debugging, the environment settings can be saved in a view file, testing can be performed, and the environment can be restored to continue program execution.