This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Paths (Command Line)

Visual Studio 2005

Shows all share links for files that have been branched. For definitions of the command options, see Command Options in this Help system.

ss Paths <files> [-N] [-O] [-Y]

You must have the Read project right to use this command.

The display generated by this command is formatted differently from the display generated by the Paths tab in Visual SourceSafe Explorer. Both contain the same information, but users who switch between the two displays should take care to avoid confusion.

The Paths command might show a display like the following:

 TEST.C (Branched at version 5)
 TEST.C (Branched at version 4)

This display shows that the file began in project $/A. One branch was created at version 5 in project $/B, which is also shared in $/C. Another branch off the file in $/A was created at version 4 in $/D.

Shows all current and broken shared file links to the file Test.c:

ss Paths TEST.C