This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Checkout_LocalVer_Default Initialization Variable

Visual Studio 2005

Specifies True if the Check Out command checks out a local copy of a file, and False (default) if the command checks out the master copy of the file. You can only use this variable if your database administrator has set the Checkout_LocalVer_Disabled initialization variable to False, which enables checkouts of local copies.

Checkout_LocalVer_Default = {True|False}

When you check out the local copy of a file, Visual SourceSafe does not attempt to check out the latest master copy. The local copy is not synchronized with the database automatically, and you are not prompted to synchronize your local copy with the latest master copy until you explicitly check in the file.

You can set this variable in the Ss.ini file directly or in Visual SourceSafe Explorer. In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, use the SourceSafe Options dialog box, General tab. Select the Always check out the working folder version of files check box to set this variable to True.

Specifies that Visual SourceSafe should not check out the latest master copy, but should retrieve a local copy of a file:

Checkout_LocalVer_Default = True