Access Control and Data Security

BizTalk Server limits access to its processes and databases by using minimum user rights; you can secure important data in the system by using features from Microsoft Windows® Server.

One or more of the BizTalk Server tools access the BizTalk Server databases. Therefore, BizTalk must grant some level of access in each database to the BizTalk Server administrators and to users of the BizTalk Hosts. Furthermore, for security reasons, BizTalk Server administrators and BizTalk Hosts users should not have more user rights than necessary to perform their jobs.

Using SQL Server roles, BizTalk Server fulfills both requirements. Anytime you create a BizTalk Server database through installation, the Configuration Wizard, or the BizTalk Administration console, BizTalk Server automatically creates a SQL role for the BizTalk Server administrators in that database. BizTalk Server grants this role, and any SQL Server login assigned to this role, the minimum user rights needed by administrators on the SQL Server objects (tables, views, stored procedures, etc) to perform administrative tasks on that database.

Similarly, BizTalk Server creates in each database a SQL role for the user group for each host, and grants this role the minimum user rights it needs for the user group to perform tasks for that host.

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