CurrentPass Property
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CurrentPass Property

Visual Studio 2005

Specifies the current pass through a report's data and rendering functions, during a report run that requires multiple passes through the data scope to produce output, such as a report with _PAGETOTAL.


Integer data type.

Applies To: ReportListener Object.

The ReportListener evaluates the TwoPassProcess property value after the BeforeReport event. Based on this result, it sets the CurrentPass property according to the values in the table below. As a result, the value of both these properties provide useful information starting at the next ReportListener event (BeforeBand).

CurrentPass also provides information when a LABEL or REPORT FORM command concludes. The value of this property is not cleared after a report run, so you can check it after the run, to find out whether the report ran in one or two passes. In contrast, TwoPassProcess is re-set to .F. after a report run, so the ReportListener can recognize a .T. value in the next run as your explicit instructions.

For information about when the native Report System components assign this value and other reporting attributes at the beginning and end of a report run, see Understanding Visual FoxPro Object-Assisted Reporting.

The following table lists the possible values of the CurrentPass property.

Setting Description


Default value when ReportListener object instance is created. Value during calculation pass, or prepass, when the ReportListener is running a report requiring multiple passes through the data scope (TwoPassProcess = .T.). Value during entire report run, and at the conclusion of the report run, when TwoPassProcess is .F..


Value during second, output pass, and value at conclusion of report run, when TwoPassProcess is .T..

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