CSS List Command

Commerce Server 2007
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Lists all Commerce Server Staging (CSS) deployments that are currently running on a server. Optionally, you can list only those deployments for a specified project that are running on a server.

List [ProjectName] [GlobalFlags]




Specifies the name of a project. When it is specified, only those deployments for the named project are listed.



/Server <ServerName>

Specifies the server for which the command should execute. Leave blank to execute the command on the server where you enter the command.

/User <user> [pass | *]

Specifies the credentials to use to run the command. You must specify a user name that has the required CSS administrator or operator rights on the server where the command will be executed. If you omit the user name, the user name of the person who enters the command is used.

If you omit the password or enter an asterisk, CSS prompts you for the password. The password you enter is not displayed on the screen.

This command returns the total number of deployments that are currently running on the server and a list of each project together with the start time, end time, state, and flags used for the deployment.

You must have CSS administrator or operator rights to execute this command.

The following command lists the two projects, Test1 and Test2, that have been deployed on the local server.


The command executes to use the credentials of the user logged into the local server. This user must have CSS administrator or operator rights in order to execute the command.

C:%COMMERCE_SERVER_ROOT%\Staging\Bin>css list
Staging Command Line Interface, BUILD 6.0.3724.0

Number of replications returned: 2.

Project      Start Time            End Time              State        Run Flags
Test1        1/3/2007 5:40:13 PM   1/3/2007 5:40:17 PM   Aborted      AUTOMATIC
Test2        1/3/2007 5:40:13 PM                         Running      NODELETE FORCE INCREMENTAL AUTOMATIC

Command List completed successfully.