Using the Configuration Wizard

This section explains the step-by-step procedures required to configure BizTalk Server using the Configuration Wizard for a first-time installation on a:

  • Local (single) computer
  • Multiple computers - a typical four-computer configuration scenario is depicted in this topic)

Use the default settings in the Configuration Wizard for the local (single) computer.

Warning  When you perform a non-transactional operation, such as creating a new database, or creating user accounts and groups using the Configuration Wizard, the action is not rolled back if you cancel the procedure before it completes. You must manually remove any objects that you have created up to that point before retrying the operation.

The Configuration Wizard prompts you for information. After the information is collected, a summary of all configuration steps appears. The actual configuration subsequently takes place. In the event of an error (or if you click Cancel), the configuration returns the computer to its prior state. However, the BizTalk Server databases and NT Groups remain on the computer.

Important  You must start Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server Agent before proceeding with configuring BizTalk Server. Both should be set to start automatically after you reboot your computer.

 Security  SQL Server Agent must be running at all times and it must have db_owner permissions in all the BizTalk Server databases.

This section contains:

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