Running ETPrep.exe

After First Boot Agent (FBA) runs and Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) is configured, you must run the ETPrep.exe tool before you can copy your run-time image to CD.

To run ETPrep.exe

  1. Boot the target system to the Windows XP Embedded run-time image on the hard disk.
  2. Open a command prompt.
  3. Navigate to the \WINDOWS\system32 directory and type the following command:

    etprep /all

    If the operation is successful, the following text is displayed:

    Deleted EWFpartitions = 1.
    Swapped ElTorito volume drive E: with Boot volume C: .

    The EWF partition on the disk has been deleted, and the boot drive letter has been reassigned to the El Torito CD. This then becomes the boot volume when you boot the target system from CD-ROM.

    Note   The current boot partition may no longer be bootable after running ETPrep.exe because the drive letters have changed. Therefore, be sure that you are ready to burn the final CD before you complete this step.
  4. After you run ETPrep, the system should immediately reboot. If it does not, manually restart the system.
    Note   Do not boot to your run-time image. Because the drive letters between the C: boot partition and the deployment device (CD-ROM) have been swapped, any attempt to access the file system will hang the system.

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