Licensing a Run-Time Image

To distribute a Windows XP Embedded run-time image, you must enter into an OEM agreement with Microsoft and then purchase a run-time license. Once licensed, you activate a run-time image by adding the 25-character Runtime Product Key to a configuration in Target Designer.

One Runtime Product Key is provided in the Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity (COA) package, and one COA is provided per run-time license. However, only one Runtime Product Key is required to activate a run-time image, per device category. For example, a point-of-sale device requires a separate run-time image license from a set-top box.

Note   Only run-time images built using the full Windows XP Embedded product accept a Runtime Product Key. Run-time images built using an evaluation version of Windows XP Embedded cannot be activated.

Do not confuse the Runtime Product Key with the Tools Product Key, which is used to activate Windows Embedded Studio.

To activate a run-time image

  1. Run Target Designer.
  2. Choose Settings under your configuration.
  3. Choose Run-time Image Licensing.
  4. Under Run-time Image Licensing, choose Show.

    In the Product Identification Key (PID) box, type the Runtime Product Key for your run-time image.

By default, an unlicensed run-time image expires after 120 days.

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