Digital Rights Management and Content Protection

Windows XP Embedded supports the same level of control and protection of digital media content as Microsoft Windows XP Professional.

On your Windows XP Embedded device

The Windows Media Player 10 Technologies component includes support for Windows Media digital rights management (DRM).

You can add the Windows Media Player 10 Technologies component; or, add one of the design template components that includes Windows Media Player 10 such as Advanced Set Top Box, Information Appliance, or Windows-based Terminal Professional; or, create your own Windows Media Player 10-based client or plug-in with a Windows Media Player SDK.

If you create your own client or plug-in, you can componentize it to make it easier to add to your Windows XP Embedded run-time images.

For more information about the Windows Media 10 Series Software Development Kit (SDK), see this Microsoft Web site.

On the content server or site

The Windows Media DRM platform enables the secure delivery of protected content for playback on a computer, portable device, or network device.

Even if you are only building the device, and are not providing the content, you may find it useful to understand how content is protected by a server that uses Windows Media DRM, and what your provider's requirements are for handling that content.

For more information about the Windows Media DRM platform, and the Windows Media Rights Manager SDK, see this Microsoft Web site.

For more information about Windows Media DRM Partners, see this Microsoft Web site.

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