Copying the Run-Time Image to Your Target Device

To deploy your run-time image, after you build the image you must copy it from your target directory to bootable media on your target device. The following procedure shows how to copy the image by using Windows Explorer, but you can also use xcopy or other command line commands to copy the image to your target device. If you have not configured the hard drive on your target device, you can use Windows PE and Diskpart.

To copy the run-time image to your target device

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to your run-time image build directory, for example, C:\Windows Embedded Images.

    This directory contains the files and directories needed on your target device, including files such as Boot.ini and, and subdirectories such as Windows, Program Files, and Documents and Settings.

  2. Copy the contents of the build directory to your target device.

    For example, if you are deploying to a second hard disk on your system, you can select all of the files and directories in the build directory and drag them to the D:\ drive.

    You must deploy your run-time image to a bootable partition. The partition can be on a hard disk drive, compact disc (CD), or Flash memory device, and must be visible to the device basic I/O system (BIOS).

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